The Embodied Remote Tower

Exploratory concepts
for augmented multiple remote towers

MOTO is a research Project  co-founded by SESAR in the framework of the Horizon 2020 program. The project  targeted the exploration of  the Remote Tower concept enhanced by considering human performance from the perspective of “embodied cognition”, with the goal of augmenting the human-system interaction via multimodal technologies. The use of multimodal technologies in remote tower operations is a promising avenue to maintain a high level of situation awareness and control, by partially off-loading the visual channel and relying on other sensory channels (i.e. audio or haptic feedback) for monitoring out-of-the-current-view airports.

MOTO presented an initial testing of a set of working prototypes of multimodal solutions aimed to enhance the sense of presence and to augment Human Performance in two validation settings of increased fidelity (3D Virtual reality and RTO platform). A set of innovative multimodal concepts were also derived and not yet validated. The concepts are presented in this website.

This website presents one of the insights of the MOTO research activity, addressing the study of innovative concepts for augmented multiple remote towers. Controllers and ATM experts were involved into series design-oriented innovation activities focused on re-thinking the remote control tower activities by exploiting multimodal solutions.

The concepts are designed with the aim to support tower controllers performance, engagement and workflow by incorporating haptic feedback, spatialized sound and voice recognition technologies to enrich the main visual component. For each exploratory concept the operational need, the proposed augmented interaction and the expected benefits are detailed in terms of: workload, situation awareness, sense of presence, attention, error prevention.

The proposed concepts represent an exploration of the potentiality of the introduction of multimodal interaction and augmentation into the control tower environment and they are not yet validated in a human in the loop study.

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